Chakra Balancing Massage  
Chakras are the seven energy centers along the spine, each related to different physical and emotion qualities.  This treatment balances the chakras using deep tissue back massage, foot reflexology and meditative energy work.  This is not a full body massage.

Stress Fix Massage 
The ingredients in the Stress Fix products used in this treatment are clinically proven to reduce stress.  The techniques used include breathing exercises, full body Swedish massage, deep tissue focused on the upper shoulders and forearms, scalp massage, acupressure and foot reflexology.

Aveda Aroma Massage
This customizable massage includes the scalp ritual and foot reflexology and incorporates your chosen aroma in the foot soak and massage oil.

Aveda Aroma Scalp Massage
This 15 minute add-on includes aromatherapy, acupressure, and slow and vigorous scalp massage

Aveda Foot Reflexology

This treatment helps promote balance and release stuck energy by massaging points on the feet that correspond to specific body parts.

Swedish Massage:
This is the most common type of massage.  Based on the guests’ needs and preferences, it can include long gliding strokes, kneading, tapping, direct pressure to the most superficial muscles, and joint movement.  Swedish massage may promote relaxation and relief of muscle tension. 

Deep Tissue Massage:
This type of massage uses slow strokes to work through the most superficial layer of muscles into deeper layers.  It is less rhythmic and relaxation-focused than other styles, but may help relieve chronic pain or tension.