Eye-Brows products

Recreate your brow shape by applying our powder. Darkening light brows is more than adding color to your brow hair. Our brow powder is designed to give rich color payout, and this soft, microfine powder is water resistant and contains no mineral oil. Our top priority in formulating our powder was to ensure that is stayed on all day. It doesn’t run in the rain. It is uniquely formulated to provide an all-natural look.

We have three different colors

Eyebrow Powder: $12.99


This sand beige powder will darken blonde brows by one to two shades. The result is a very natural and beautiful softly darkened brow. Many women tell us they love the ash blonde color they create from this.


Our lush medium brown has to be our most versatile color. It is very popular. Apply with little blending to create a stronger, more dramatic look. Apply more sparingly and blend to get a soft honey color.


Raven haired customers love our Soft Black powder as it gives the clean look they’re after without being overpowering. It’s suitable for a wide range of women, especially for those with black hair.


Some brow hairs will not cooperate. Does this mean they have to be eliminated? No – our styling gel is designed for eyebrow hair to keep your brow hairs firmly in their place all day. It is not gummy and your skin around brows will not dry out because it has no alcohol. Your brow hair will look and feel healthy because Pro vitamin B5 has been added. It comes in a tube with a spooly brush so you can apply and style all at the same time.

Tip: It will also hold a curl in your lashes too. Use a lash curler to curl your eyelashes . Apply the gel and let it dry (about 3 minutes) and your curled lashes will stay curled all day.

Angle Brow Brush: $7.99

This brush is made from natural bristles. It’s angle makes it perfect for applying thin lines of powder. If you are applying powder without a stencil this brush allows for precise application.