Neck & Shoulder Pain

If you are suffering from ingrained patterns of stress and tension OR suffering from stiffness and pain in your shoulder, neck and back this is the perfect massage for you. The pain is most often caused by stress, long hours at a desk or even something as simple as hunched shoulders and poor posture. Other causes include Arthritis, a pinched nerve or muscle strain. All of these issues can cause pain, and stiffness. Chronic pain due to any of these problems can severely impact you physically, mentally and emotionally. Whether you’re dealing with chronic pain or short term issues, all your neck pain can be relieved by this simple massage!

AVEDA neck massage techniques have been found to be highly effective at releasing tension and stiffness of the major muscle groups in the neck, shoulder, providing you with instant relief. Receiving regular massages can greatly help reduce your chances of muscle strain, improves posture and flexibility and may even lower your blood pressure!